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On Wednesday, October 26, 2022 the Llanwrtyd walking group walked the 14.5-mile route to Cefn -brith to visit the birthplace of the Welsh martyr, John Penry. The route took us up to Waen Rydd, Tirabad Road, Abergefail, Epynt Way, Cefn-brith, Cynala road to the ford at Glan-yr-afon and then back along the Heart of Wales Line trail.

Photographs by David Marshall

Rainbow in Welsh hills
Rainbow seen from Waen Rydd

Sheep grazing with a rainbow
Sheep on Waen Rydd and Rainbow

Ruined farmhouse and track near Cefn Gorwydd

Woodland path on the Epynt Way
Epynt Way

Walkers walking up a leafy hill towards Cefn-brith
Walking up to Cefn-brith

Cefn-brith farmhouse the birthplace of John Penry
Cefn-brith farmhouse

John Penry plaque
John Penry Plaque

Old doorway at Cefn-brith
Cefn-brith doorway

Walkers crossing a wooden bridge on the Heart of Wales Line trail
Crossing the Camddwr

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