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Bird Watching in the Southern Cambrian Mountains

Short Bird Watching Guide

From Llanwrtyd Wells town 
centre to Abergwesyn follow the River Irfon and you may see these birds on the water. Spring is best for Goosanders, and the other birds in the winter.
All Photographs by Paul Hazell except the Raven and Peregrine by Peter Blanchard.
Dipper River Irfon.jpg

Dipper River Irfon

Grey Wagtail River Irfon.jpg

Grey Wagtail River Irfon

Common Sandpiper on the River Irfon.jpg

Sandpiper on the River Irfon

Goosander River Irfon.jpg

Goosander on the River Irfon

On entering Abergwesyn common over the cattle grid, you will follow a narrow road through a beautiful Welsh Sessile Oakwood. Here you will find a lot of local birds. From Blue Tits to Nuthatches and Treecreepers. Again, spring is best also for seeing our migrant birds from Africa including the beautiful Redstart and Pied Flycatcher. There are bird boxes up in the woods which are used every year, but please view the birds from the road. Do Not go near the nest boxes as they will desert the eggs and chicks if disturbed.

Redstart In the Woods at Abergwesyn.jpg

Redstart in Abergwesyn Woods

Pied Flycatcher in the woods at Abergwesyn.jpg

Pied Flycatcher in Abergwesyn woods

Coming out of the wood you will enter The Common. Stunning mountains, with the river down below in one of the most beautiful valleys in Wales. The variety of birds you are likely to find here are: Pied Wagtail, Stonechat, Wheatear and Whinchat. Up in the sky you may see or hear Ravens, the ubiquitous and beautiful soaring Red Kite, the stocky Buzzard, and if you are really lucky a Peregrine Falcon.

Whinchat Abergwesyn Common.jpg

Whinchat Abergwesyn Common

Wheatear Abergwesyn Common.jpg

Wheatear Abergwesyn Common

Stonechat Abergwesyn Common.jpg

Stonechat Abergwesyn Common

Pied Wagtail Abergwesyn Common.jpg

Pied Wagtail Abergwesyn Common

REd KIte.jpg

Red KIte Abergwesyn Common


Buzzard Abergwesyn Common


The Raven


Peregrine Falcon

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