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Welsh Dragon symbol.

Llanwrtyd Wells is the smallest town in Britain. with the cleanest river in Wales, the River Irfon, meandering through the town. The edge of the Southern Cambrian mountains surround the town with Garn Dawd the last peak of the Elenydd clearly visible from the streets below. There are several attractive small towns in both directions, and the environment around Llanwrtyd has particularly clean air as lichen and mosses grow freely in the woodlands that surround the town. The Cambrian mountains are an area of outstanding beauty renowned for their peace and solitude. Here the traveller encounters the home of the Red Kite as it glides over rolling hills. The town is also half way along the epic and scenic Heart of Wales Line ( between Swansea and Shrewsbury. We are close to two beautiful and remote valleys: Abergwesyn and Doethie. 1.5 miles from the town is the ancient 11th century church, St David's. The full title of St David's is Llan Dewi Wrth y Rhyd (St David's at the Ford). 


Llanwrtyd Wells as seen from surrounding hill.

Llanwrtyd Wells

Llanwrtyd Wells Main Bridge over the Irfon River on the A483.

The River Irfon 

11th Century, St David' Church, Llanwrtyd

St David's Church

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