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The Epynt Way

The Epynt way is a 65km long distance trail open to walkers, equestrians and mountain bikers. The trail is very well marked with regular marker posts topped with yellow caps. There are also finger posts at important junctions. The route is on the edge of the Sennybridge military training firing range. People using the trail must stay on the designated path and not pick up any stray materials. The Myndd Epynt is a wild peaty moorland landscape with spectacular views of the Brecons and other surrounding hills.

The Myndd Epynt was home to 200 Welsh speaking people and 54 farms before they were evicted by the army in 1940. There are remnants of abandoned farms, school and chapel. The area has a fascinating social and cultural history. The Drovers used to stop at two pubs at either end of the mountains and they are a part of the rich history of this area.

Red Flags mark the danger areas

The old Drovers Arms.

A mock village on the horizon used by the military for training

Abandoned farms are scattered across the landscape.

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